Registration Policy

NBA 3X Singapore 2014 Registration Policy

  • Team rosters must have a minimum of three (3) players and a maximum of four (4) players.
  • Roster changes will NOT be allowed once the registration form has been turned in.
  • A player's personal information (e.g., height, date of birth) may be checked during the on-site registration process and before each game. Providing inaccurate information may disqualify a team from the event without a refund being provided.
  • Participants may only be part of one (1) team only.

Team Names

Team names must be 20 characters or less and consist of letters only. The NBA has the right to reject any name deemed to be inappropriate. Team names that have been rejected will be replaced by the listed captain's last name.
For example, if the team name has been rejected and the captain's name is Carlo Reyes, the new team name will be defaulted to REYES.

Age Rules

The NBA 3X Singapore 2014 age cut-off is December 31st 2014. This means that whatever age a participant is on December 31st 2014, is the lowest age group they are eligible play in.
All players on a team must conform to this age rule in order to be eligible to participate in a particular age division. The NBA will enforce the age restriction guidelines at the event. Therefore, it is imperative that each team and each of its members follow the rules to ensure their eligibility.